Leo Tattoos

Graceful and powerful tattoo with the lion have a strong energy of peace and justice. And this is no accident, because the lion is the king of beasts, the wise warrior, the beast, whose majestic beauty is undeniable. Tattoo with a lion always look noble and stylish. Such body figure is ideal strong man, emphasize his greatness and unwavering will. Many peoples of the world the lion is considered to be not only king, but also a symbol of royalty.

The image of a lion on the tattoo can vary depending on the desired result. It could be a lion or just his head with a gorgeous mane, his silhouette or cartoon caricature. The photographs in this page you can see and choose for themselves also composite the tattoo with a lion. The king of beasts in battle, always victorious, and in the relationship with his companion is her protector. On the tattoos, the pictures you see in this section, the lions portrayed in aggressive and peaceful state. However, all his images are full of generosity. Make the tattoos with a lion on different parts of the body. It can be a shoulder, chest or back.