Indian Tattoos

Tattoo in India has always had sacred significance. She gave the symbolism of the talisman that protects from dark forces, bestowing good fortune in war and love Affairs, contributing to the prosperity of the carrier. Some pictures were magical and religious meaning, others talked about the military prowess and a person’s biography.

Often the technique of tattooing was handed down in the family from generation to generation and kept secret. This clan painted inaccessible to outsiders, because it is the identification mark, but is very respected for his virtuoso technique in creating complex patterns and patterns.

A special place in Indian art tattoo is mehendi and Tilak. Mehndi is body painting with henna, originating in the ancient wedding ceremonies. But still brides decorate their body intricate patterns and floral motifs, the giver of fertility and prosperity. And temple dancers use mehndi on the ceremonies, where the image carries with it religious overtones.