Horse Horseshoe Tattoos

A symbol of intellect, wisdom, mind, and sanity for many centuries was considered a horse. Tattoo with the horse fully absorbed these values, and also represent the dynamic power, speed, light, speed of thinking. Usually, tattoo horse cause people who like to be the center of attention, tend to move and are not afraid to take on any new work.

This catalog contains pictures of tattoos of a horse is depicted in a completely different compositions: tattoo stud, horses alone, herds of horses, drawings of knights on horseback and many others. A separate category of tattoos with Pegasus, unicorn, and centaur. Each photo, which depicts a tattoo of a horse is unique and different.

Quite often, the tattoo depicted a horse with flames for manes, which symbolizes strength and courage. There are pictures or only a picture of a horse’s head. In the photos you can see a horse with a chariot or three horses.