Hinduism Tattoos

In Hinduism it is customary to ask the gods for happiness and prosperity. And in India there is a Holy Trinity. So, Surya, the Sun God, gives people life. This God is revered as the healer and the all-seeing eye. Vishnu is the protector of people throughout their life’s journey. Siva is inseparably linked with the person throughout his life, is known as the healer, responsible for health. The gods and goddesses to this day is incredibly revered with India. Not surprisingly, all houses have totems with images of deities. It is the religious line is very even traced in wearable art. Indian tattoos very often depict Hindu gods and goddesses. One of the most beautiful and colorful examples of this type of tattoo is the goddess Sarasvati. It is revered as the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, art, beauty, and eloquence.