Heart Tattoos

The image of the heart at all times symbolized love, romance and vitality and this is why this motif of the tattoo has not lost its popularity. The meaning of the tattoos of heart can be different, but it is always associated with its owner. Sketches tattoo heart perform in different ways, and sometimes the General interpretation of the picture depends on the song and its context.

Even in ancient times people came to the conclusion that the heart is not just a body whose main task is to pump blood in the body. The heart can feel, make decisions, and it is the source of all experience human emotions.

One of the most popular sketches in the tattoo is an image of a heart framed by any inscription. In most cases this is the name of a close or loved one. Tattoo heart with the inscription “mom” became widespread in the second half of the twentieth century among sailors and bikers. And during the great Patriotic War, the tattoo of the heart, reminded the soldiers about their families and the idea for which they fight.