Fire Flame Tattoos

The tattoo fire as a natural element symbolizes the destruction and passion. The image of the flame in the candle or torch tells about secret knowledge. The image of fire, like the flame itself, full of internal energy. The choice of this tattoo sketch tells about a fire flame that burns in the soul.

As the element of fire out of control. Like a flame that warms the hearth fire – the good inclination, the source of light and heat. Similarly, in image: “wild” natural wild flame symbolizes destruction. A flame that people subjugated and restricted by the framework of a candle, bonfire, torch – the sign of light and heat, consolation and hope.

Tattoo fire is rarely used in its pure form, most of the fire complements the main image, giving it a whole new meaning. Fire in the tattoo is always a symbol of tension, movement, power. For example, a car in flames that means a mad uncontrollable and unstoppable movement.