Eagle Tattoos

Tattoo of an eagle is almost a win-win for the strong, powerful and purposeful men. This majestic bird since ancient times is the object of admiration and worship.

The eagles have always been considered experienced hunters. Hours these predators are able to soar above the earth, hunting down and exhausting the victim, then swift shot hit the target. He also owns the popular expression “eagle eye” or “eagle eye” indicating a amazing eyesight of these birds. By the way, nature gave them the ability to look at the sun, which distinguishes them from most creatures on the planet.

The meaning of the tattoos the eagle is wisdom, strength, power and masculinity. The human body is a brutal character, emphasizing the strongest qualities of a real man. This is evidenced by the frequent depiction of this bird in medieval heraldry. The eagle is present on the arms of the most revered families, the great warriors and rulers.