Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonfly is one of the oldest insects in the world, its fossils found in rocks of the Jurassic period. Tattoo dragonfly most popular among young girls, but also men. Sketch tattoo always looks light and airy, beautiful and sweet.

Special respect dragonfly is enjoyed by the Japanese. In Japan this insect is a symbol of valor and strength, and the largest Japanese island of Honshu, in ancient times was called “Isle of the dragonflies”. Asking for winning the battle, the Japanese used dragonflies as a sacrificial gift to the gods. Tattoo dragonfly in the land of the rising sun symbolizes happiness and joy, strength and courage.

The Chinese consider the dragonfly a harbinger of summer, the epitome of fragility and changeability, weakness and instability, Malaysians symbol of ephemerality, and in Vietnam, it is used for weather prediction.