Devil Tattoos

Tattoo the devil as the character who can scare anyone sinister appearance and malicious grin. It is accepted that the devil is the opposite of God, he is even stronger. After all the hatred, sin, greed and envy – all that it symbolizes, is inherent to human nature. To become righteous is very difficult, but to be a sinner – it is easy, you only need not be ashamed of their depravity and not think about the punishment for sin.

Meaning tattoo devil ambivalent – after all, once he was an angel, but she was jealous of the greatness and power of God and was forever imprisoned in hell. There he is, looking around for his assistants: devils and other evil spirits. And in his spare time entices people to sin or trying to buy their pure, immortal soul. According to legend, with each new soul the power of the devil is increasing, and one day his Kingdom of darkness devour all life… The meaning of tattoo the devil’s seduction, Vice, the triumph of malice.