Demon Tattoos

In the most General understanding of the meaning of the tattoos of the demon’s temptation, the purpose of which is to awaken in man the fall into sin and temptation, weakness, deceit, protection of evil spirits. More detailed values can be read, examined the history of the characters. You need to know about that demon and devil are not one and the same, so carefully approach the choice of tattoo with the image of a demon.

Usually demons are divided into two categories – the demons of hell and the gargoyles.

The demon tattoo symbolizes either a defect that affects the media, or Vice, from which he would like to get rid of, but can’t. Causing a tattoo the person wants to associate themselves with those vicious qualities that are inherent in the character. For example, the demon Beelzebub is the evil spirit, helper of the devil, who represents gluttony.