Death Tattoos

Tattoo death is a symbol not for the faint of heart. Timid and impressionable people tend to fear and even terror at the sight of this image. The meaning of the tattoos the grim Reaper is perfect for those who scared of nobody and nothing. The sketch is done in black and white and in color. The image is applied to the shoulder, back, chest, stomach, or other parts of the body.

If this is in combination with any playing cards, you will designate a certain game to death. This tattoo can also Express the atheism of certain people or groups of people. It is considered that the image of death is a symbol of evil and confession of Satanism.

But there is also the opposite opinion, which claims that the tattoo’s death can be a very strong talisman that can protect from misfortunes and dangers. Such tattoos are made by people who call themselves lucky, for this reason, the tattoo is the grim Reaper can bring evil luck and risk. In the literature there are sources that indicate that the grim Reaper – the sign of the vandals. Often this sign is used by the bikers.