Daisy Tattoos

Chamomile is referred to in many cultures as a symbol of solar energy. And the ancient Egyptians, the Celts, and Slavs considered it a source of pure energy that pours from heaven to earth. Daisy seems the most unpretentious flower that just is in the world. But what can mean a tattoo of that simple flower. It might not be so simple?

Our ancestors used Daisy not only as a medicinal plant. She helped to activate the vital good energy during religious rites and divination. Therefore, the mystics believe that a small tattoo of chamomile can open wants a narrow path to enlightenment.

And practicing fortune-tellers will become an assistant for more accurate predictions. Meaning tattoo Daisy had a bit of a criminal nature in the Soviet times. This flower myself impale those caught in the prison, the women who wanted to divert attention from their evil intent. Daisy had to rehabilitate his mistress in the eyes of others.