Cupid Cherub Tattoos

Tattoo Cupid Cherub – one of the famous. Chubby baby with tiny wings aiming of the bow, brings a smile. The meaning of the tattoos Cupid is associated with the sweet, tender feelings of love, pleasure.

Among the ancient Romans there was a God. Cupid shoots accurately, and those arrows hurt deeply. So it remains a sign of the immutability of love. The meaning of tattoo Cupid often means “forever in love”, its owner wants to keep the memory of the beloved and is not afraid to open up to the rest.

You can meet a tattoo depicting an angel with a blindfold. Their meaning – “love is blind”. Cupid with the torch of love is sacrificial, heavenly. If the kid hides it, then someone ignored the feeling loving. Cupid, carrying a heart in his hands, symbolizes a happy love, the right choice.