Crow Tattoos

Tattoo with the image of the crow is among the popular. It is connected with ancient beliefs, in most of which this bird is associated with dark and not very forces. Sketch tattoo Raven is often done exclusively in black and white, rarely adds any color. Apply this tattoo on shoulder, chest, back and other parts of the body.

The ancient Celts believed that the Raven is one of the symbols of evil, and always associated this bird with the bloody satanic cults, magic rituals, with the goddess of battle, Morrigan, and with the spirits of war and death. Ravens can live to three hundred years, feeding exclusively on carrion, and this fact gave rise to another legend according to which the picture of this ominous bird symbolizes wind and loneliness.

The Christian religion represents this bird assistant of the devil himself, however, claims that crow helps those who chose the path of asceticism. In Ancient Egypt, the black Raven was a symbol of destruction, aggression and anger, and Scandinavian peoples considered the Raven companion of the God of war Odin.