Crab Tattoos

Different peoples of the world the meaning of the tattoos the crab was a little different. Although all agreed that the crab symbolizes the ability endures the hardships — he has a strong armor that protects him well. At the same time, the crab is not defenseless — he has claws.

In the East many peoples crabs were the symbol of sea gods, and their image symbolized the favor of the sea. In Egypt, the crab was a symbol of rebirth, and in Greece — the protection and support of the higher forces (remembering the myth of Hera, who urged the crab to help Hercules).

Sketch tattoo crab can be more peaceful or more militant. So peaceful resting crab symbolizes serenity, calmness, confidence of the owner of the tattoo. Lifted up the crab claws are warned that to offend him is not worth it.