Bulb Tattoos

Despite the fact that tattoos that fit the General description of “light” seem to the untrained eye, very unusual among interested tattoo this symbol is in great esteem. The reason for this is the meaning of the tattoos lantern.

The lantern symbolizes the joy of life, the arrival of the “bright days”, the end of difficulties and hardships in the life of the bearer of this tattoo. But note also is how it looks sketch tattoo lantern. For example, the lantern-pumpkin symbolizes protection from the dark forces and dependencies, it’s a tattoo-a talisman.

Lantern, located on the post means vitality, purity of thoughts. This tattoo perfectly attracted to “shiny” ideas and Shine in life. This is due to the appearance of the first lampposts. The fact that the epoch when in Paris appeared first lights his contemporaries called “brilliant.”