• HUMMINGBIRD ROTARY Liner & Shader Tattoo Machine RCA (PURPLE)
  • $145
  • Capable of hitting at any stroke length from 2.6 mm up to 5.5 mm for lining or shading.
  • Runs smoothly between 6-8 volts and has an RCA connection.
  • Offers you a soundless environment to work in & Light Weight Noiseless Machine.
  • Hummingbird Rotary Tattoo Machine with high velocity Swiss made motor.
  • -
  • Ringmaster Irons
  • $195
  • 1 1/4
  • 35v 47uF Capacitor
  • 20G Rear Spring 18G Front Spring
  • Custom, Hand-Made Design
  • Brass Frame Shader Machine
  • Dragonhawk 2 Brass Tattoo Machine Straight Shader Circle Liner with 2 Grips
  • $65
  • Fitted with standard tube vise
  • Shader: 10 wrap coils, liner: 8 wrap coils
  • Shader: running 115-120 Hz with 7-8V, liner: running 140-150 Hz with 7-8V
  • Try it Risk-Free. Our line of tattoo supplies has led to hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • CNC cut billet brass frame

The art of decorating the body with tattoos does not lose its relevance for many centuries. But thanks to the emergence of special equipment, the creation of tattoo is more than simple: modern masters masterfully embody in the drawings on the body of even the most intricate subjects, ensure the accuracy of the smallest detail and minimize pain for the future owner of the tattoo. This became possible after the creation of the tattoo. The first time they used the American master Samuel O’reilly – even back in 1891. Tattoo machines current generation far removed from those of the first samples, but even technology has not changed the main principle of tattooing.

Our catalog includes best tattoo machines of different types, created by the best manufacturers in the industry. This is a professional tattoo equipment which will allow to perform masterly tattoo as an experienced master and a novice.

The types of tattoo

New generation best tattoo machines provides opportunities for high-precision electronic control such parameters as the speed and depth of stroke of the needle. More robust steel and power. In addition, manufacturers are equipped with this equipment other additional elements that enhance the usability of the tattoo machine and improve the quality of the generated tattoo.

In the catalog of our company presents machines for tattoos two major groups:

  • rotary;
  • induction.

Rotary tattoo machines are noiseless and minimal vibration. They are easy to use, but require a careful and slow manipulation. Machine rotary type, double pass the same area of the skin.

Induction tattoo machines are used to contour drawing (called liners) and fill (the shaders). Also there are many universal machines that perform both functions, and is ready tattoo kits, which is not only the typewriter, but also all the accessories for it.

Induction models are more noisy, but their capabilities are extensive: they put contours, creating the effect of shadows and watercolor are hatching, shade the line. Another factor of the popularity of these machines is the ease of use with thick skin. That’s why most artists prefer models with an induction principle. And this type of equipment is present in almost all kits to the tattoo.

How to choose a tattoo machine?

At the heart of every tattoo machine is a special mechanism which needs to be reliable and accurate in its action. Therefore, the choice of cars should be based on clear ideas about quality devices to create a tattoo. Worth buying only those cars, in which:

  • harmoniously combined various elements (springs, coils, contact screws);
  • well designed frame geometry.

Selection of best tattoo machines at the manufacturer is not quite true, because quite often it is necessary to overpay for the brand. However, the quality of the products from the eminent manufacturers, of course, is a proven fact. In addition, the devices of famous brands usually have stylish design, which is also important for artists name.

A key moment in the selection of machines for tattoo is performance. It determines the power unit (power supply unit), which may have different parameters of capacity and voltage. Most masters use the device on 5-12 Volts. The more powerful the power supply is, the smoother it will run the machine. This eliminates the fluctuations and interruptions in operation of the device. And it can provide the best tattoo machines with the option of more than 1.5 amps. Optimally it should be 2-3.5 amps.

Additional convenience and mobility applications provide a power supply pulse type. Their advantages include compact size and the ability to simultaneously connect several machines.

When choosing pedals is a preference for metal models that are more reliable and durable. If for you the more important mobility and minimal weight of the device (e.g., trip), you should get a plastic pedal. Thanks to modern polymers they are also quite durable.