Bat Tattoos

In fact, a tattoo of a bat is applied not only in the army (airborne, reconnaissance and special forces). They are also popular among ordinary people.

Interesting fact: a bat is the only mammal that can fly.

Basic meanings tattoo bat (came from China)
– wealth;
– longevity;
– good health;
– death;
– the Chinese character “fu” means also “bat” and “luck”, so often to the tattoo of a bat add the Chinese character.

From the Indians the bat is a symbol of death and a symbol of rebirth (because they sleep with their heads down like a child before birth).

After the release of the film Batman was a growth in the popularity of tattoos with the bat, but now he is gone.

Also, the bat symbol is a lot of demonic themes, as her wings like the wings of a fallen angel, besides, bats don’t like sunlight light and are awake at night. And, of course, bats also symbolize vampire, because they feed on blood.