Band Tattoos

There are several options of images on this theme:
1) the Treble clef is depicted both individually and together with notes and other images of the affected region. This tattoo is most dangerous, because in addition to people related to music, it is often portrayed people, who was imprisoned for theft. Hence the dual meaning of this symbol.
2) Notes give great scope for imagination. You can draw them in a single instance on a small area of the body, either on a stave, with the addition of other images, inscriptions.
3) Musical instruments portrayed in the body most often those who play on them. Some of the tools there are of secondary importance. Violin body says about homosexuality in men and a complete pushover girls.
4) the Microphone is depicted on the body performers and vocalists, as well as fans. Except for individual images used in the drawings together with flowers or inscriptions, musical instruments.
5) Fans to stand out and show individuality and innovative approach to everything used for a tattoo image, audio cassettes, headphones, or other elements, which lack of imagination.

All the characters are easily merged into the overall picture. The value of each of the variations a person determines individually. In most cases, tattoos on musical subjects indicate the originality of the personality, his love for creativity, music, talking about the delicate emotional structure, sensitivity.