Back Tattoos

The back is the biggest part of the body. It’s the perfect canvas for the master and Amateur large complex compositions. Here is where carousing fantasy, and often you can find the masterpieces of tattoo art, amazing subtlety of the work and its beauty.

On creating large paintings on the back, which consist of hundreds and thousands of items takes months or even years, so it’s painstaking and meticulous work. Besides, the finished painting, if desired, can be expanded with new parts.

The tattoo on the back may be small in size, neatly housed in a separate area. Girls prefer lettering, flowers, stars, Chinese characters, Celtic and other ethnic patterns.

More men choose tattoos on entire back or a large image occupying most of it. The exception is the lumbar region — it is a purely female prerogative.

Very original look of a tattoo on the back of a unisex for example, wings, Sakura, dragon, etc.