Apple Tattoos

The apple tattoos has ancient roots and is dedicated to one of the goddesses of Rome, which suggests a spell on people and made them fall in love with the opposite gender, resulting in person unfortunately. Among fans to shoot the apple is a symbol of precision and it is often depicted in the center of the target.

If the drawing of the tattoo contains a playful worm, which peeks out from apple, then this may mean that a person’s character is a little spoiled. Through biblical stories, the image of bitten fruit represents the sin or weakness that a person shows to the opposite sex. Not to be confused with the bitten apple, which is symbolism of the famous apple tattoo. Today many fill themselves with this emblem as a sign of love for famous brand.

The value of apple tattoo, which hangs on the tree can be interpreted as the image of love and fertility. Flowering apple tree is a symbol of pure love. Thus, it is possible to portray the picture of the Crabapple tree, and next to fill her lover’s name.