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If you have decided to get a tattoo, then you already know that she will be with you the rest of your life. In a professional Studio offering tattoos the directory from which the client can choose and, simultaneously, to confer with tattoo artist whether the selected tattoo will be suitable for their habitat type of skin or body structure. The meaning of the tattoos is extremely important, so I advise you, before you say: I want the tattoo to see the tattoo in the directory, which will be offered in the Studio and ask tattoo artist about the meaning of the tattoo. What are the most popular tattoos and what is their value?

This kind of tattoo labels and is extremely popular among men and women. Generally, this type of tattoo is chosen by people who want to wear the name of a loved one, or the subject side is always with you. Many of today’s stars such as David Beckham, for example, which, in addition to all of its remaining tattoo there are a tattoo children’s names on the body.

Tattoo are also very popular and relevant, and in both sexes. The difference is that men prefer surround animal tattoos, dragons or tattoo from mythology, which symbolize strength, power, precision, and women choose from tattoos, directory of the most often tattoo with a few other symbols. Actual women tattoos on lower back more often, tattoo lettering, which represent some Maxim, selected thoughts and just the fact that it carries a strong emotional charge. Ladies who want a tattoo on the back choose most often, tattoo flowers, angel wings, birds or butterflies, which symbolize innocence, love, and even modesty.

In recent years, tattoos of the Animal have become very relevant and popular and from men than ladies. You are watching disney bears a clear symbolism of the resurrection, rebirth and a new beginning. Quite often Men in tattoos, wrapped in flame, which symbolize the victory over death. The 3D tattoo is very good both on the back and other parts of the body.